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Latest Updates on Pharmacological Management of Myopia Control: A Review Study


Introduction: Concerns about the increasing prevalence of myopia are because of its rising ocular complications, which in some cases could lead to blindness. Therefore, all practitioners should know the latest updates on myopia control in routine practice.
Materials and Methods: PubMed, Science Direct, and Google Scholar databases were searched for related scientific articles using search keywords. In this regard, the books and articles published from 2016 to June 2021 were included. The selected articles and valid scientific resources were collected, summarized, classified, evaluated, and finally concluded by the authors.
Results: The results of the latest published papers for the prevention of myopia progression can be summarized as follows: choroidal blood supply as a potential “rapid predictor indicator” for the axial elongation, periocular injection of salidroside and formononetin, hyperopic defocus reduction using MiSight contact lenses, the chemical effect of 7-methylxanthine, and the suppressive effect of crocetin dietary supplement.
Conclusion: Using the latest methods of myopia control alongside conventional strategies has a synergistic effect.

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