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Satisfaction of Patients Following Online Managing and Hands-on Rehabilitation During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Pediatric Center


Introduction: This study aimed to investigate the satisfaction rate of patients referred to Bahrami Hospital, Tehran City, Iran, by telerehabilitation and hands-on provision during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Case Presentation: Six pediatric patients with torticollis’ disorders, Erb’s palsy, and muscle weakness were referred to Bahrami Hospital. All those subjects were assessed and advised with different exercises and interventions, and then the rest session followed with the online managing with videos or WhatsApp consultation. Then satisfaction rate of the patients was evaluated based on a Likert-type scale.
Results: The patients revealed low satisfaction for alone telerehabilitation. However, all patients preferred to combine teleconsultation and hands-on rehabilitation. Of course, they were all satisfied with telerehabilitation.
Conclusion: It seems that most patients are afraid of the inability to perform accurate exercises and prefer to come on face-to-face rehabilitation, sometimes used in addition to telerehabilitation and teleconsultation.

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