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Effects of Low-Level Laser Irradiation and Dry Needling on the Symptoms of Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Controlled Pilot Study


Introduction: This study aimed to compare the effects of Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) combined with Dry Needling (DN) with DN alone on pain and neck disability index following myofascial pain syndrome.
Materials and Methods: Sixteen women with active Trigger Points (TrPs) in their upper trapezius muscles participated in this study. They were divided into two groups: Experimental and control. The experimental group received one session of the DN plus the LLLT with 6 j/cm2 energy at their TrPs. The patients in the control group were under a similar procedure, but they did not receive any energy by the LLLT (placebo). The pain score was assessed before, immediately, and 48 hours after the treatment. Neck Disability Index (NDI) was assessed before and 48 hours after the treatment.
Results: There was a significant improvement in pain intensity and NDI scores 48 hours after the treatment in both groups compared with the baseline scores (P<0.05). The pain was also significantly reduced at the patients following laser therapy immediately after the treatment (P=0.01).
Conclusion: A combination of the LLLT and DN might be more effective compared with using DN alone, and reduce immediate pain at the patients with the active TrPs. There was no difference between the groups 48 hours after the treatment. It seems that LLLT has no considerable effect on NDI and pain intensity 48 hours after the treatment. 

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